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Cricket fact: The great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi played cricket once. He played for England against India and scored 27 runs including 3 boundaries.

Cricket fact : Longest sixer in cricket history was hit by an England batsman Eddie Pointer, the ball landed in a train and traveled Manchester to liver pool

Cricket fact: An Indian bowler P.S. Chandrasekhar played 58 tests, he was 39 times not out batsman. That was a world record and his another record was, he batted in 4 tests(8 innings) and scored no runs.
In 1983 world cup match,India's Kapil dev and Kirmani scored 126 runs for 9th wicket. That was a world record.

Cricket fact : Kapil dev bowled 1060 maiden overs, in his career, he never get missed one game ( due to injury or other reasons) over 16 years.

Cricket fact:Don brad man was stumped only once in his test career, the keeper was an Indian named P.N.Sen .

Cricket fact:In 1950 a domestic cricket match in Australia, Neil Harvey the batsman was bowled, but the bails jumped and fell down in stumps, so the umpire not given him out.

Cricket fact :Victor trumper the great English batsman went to New zealand for test series, A kid gifted a bat and requested him to use the bat for the match.The great thing is it was a small bat, Trumper hit a sixer in first ball. When he scored 90 runs the bat was broken but he still used the bat. He scored 293 runs with broken bat.

Cricket fact : The year 1972 in Johannesburg south Africa , a batsman named Peter Morris got out in a different manner. A snake entered the batting crease, he went out of the crease and stumped by the wicket keeper.

Cricket fact : The youngest cricketer was played test cricket was Mustaq Mohamed. He played test cricket at the age of 15


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  3. that's cool .. / Longest sixer in cricket history was hit by an England batsman Eddie Pointer, the ball landed in a train and traveled Manchester to liver pool/

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  4. Where to watch cricket live online for free?..

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  6. Kapil dev is the best of best in India, He is the all rounder of all time.Sourav ganguly was a good skilled captain but Dhoni was the best. Dhoni can quit his captaincy anytime with cool head. He takes criticism in constructive way

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  7. no body is false fan here mate :) we love our country and we will surely love them winning.. in fact we are expecting them to win since 1983

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    India won the world cup 2011, great work by dhoni and boys.

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  9. I am also a big fan of cricket and waiting to start cricket world cup 2015

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