Carbon Foot Print

Two or three centuries ago our fathers (grand...) never depends on fossil fuels(Petrol.diesel..) or carbon emitting machines.But today our lives totally depends on them, Which makes us the carbon emitters.  Carbon emission of a country, a person  simply called Carbon footprint, which means the term Carbon Footprint not  related with  just one country or one Government. its related with all single one of us.

  Whats happening around
  • Cities like Amsterdam using bicycles to reduce pollution,London was also  going to join with its Bicycle plan.
  •  Pune was the only city started calculating  the Carbon emission in India.
  • The popular event 2010 FIFA World cup emitted 2,753,251 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere(according to a Norway study).Its equivalent to the total CO2 emission of 1 million cars.
  • The word Dirty Gold famous in these days, gold mining cause huge threat to our environment. 2 grams of gold ring makes 20 tons of mining waste.we can find Eco friendly Gold online.
  • In a year, Over 500 billion (count on zeros.. )plastic bags used around the world.  1 or 2 percent of them only Recycled . 100 thousand sea animals die every year because of eating plastic bags.
  • Most of the countries change their Agriculture system to Organic, They avoid harmful pesticides, fertilizers and on. India not even aware of Going organic.

Build Your Green Home

You can do these things for your Green home

   1. Replace the sodium bulbs and tube lights with  CFLs. This can save Rs 200-400 off your monthly power bill.
   2. Turn down the temperature on your geyser so that the water that comes out doesn't need to be mixed with cold water. This is, of course, if you can't have a cold water bath.
   3. Use a cup at the bathroom washbasin to rinse your mouth. So that you don't have to keep the water running.
   4. If you are a gardener, Water your plants in the evening as this will reduce evaporation loss.
  5. Don't set your washing machine to hot water mode. Hot water mode really not going to make your clothes any cleaner... unless you operate a JCB Machine for a living.

What more that you can do:

  •    Try to utilize the Solar energy in your house, invest in a solar water heater, solar inverter and other solar energy products.
  • Make Recycle as a habit, Never ask a vegetable vendor to give more plastic bags.  Reduce the use of plastic carry bags.
  •    Change the next 5 most used lights with Cf Ls.
  •    Replace the power consuming traditional CRT monitors with LCD monitors.
  • Make your home Rain harvesting one, save rain water with Rain management system.


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