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Japan Nuclear Radiation-India,India,Radiation,Nuclear Plants,Radiation, 

The 9.0 earth quake shook Japan, 30 foot Tsunami hits japan, The whole loses hits in trillions and trillions  in numbers.Thousands of  human lives ended by nature's worst disaster.People have credit cards and currency to spend, but there is no food in stores These are instant and recoverable probes, But there is a bigger threat woes Japan. Nuclear plants.

Japan was always expecting Earth quakes and Tsunami, So  Fukushima plant was highly secured among all  other plants in the world.  Fukushima Nuclear plant was the symbol of Japan's nuclear energy.

  • First of all, Nuclear energy in any form is not good to human  or environment. Nuclear plants surely cause serious trouble in human and environment.
  • The powerful earthquake and Tsunami have moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet (2.4 meters) and shifted the Earth on its axis.
  • There are 53 Nuclear plants in japan.
  • Nuclear plants in japan can resist from earth quakes up to 8.5  Richter(remember 8.9 was the recent Tremors). But the marginal high magnitudes  causing  Fukushima a vulnerable place hereafter. 
  • Indian Nuclear Plants can resist only 5.6 Richter magnitude Earthquake and the safety levels of the Indian Nuclear plants  are very poor. Even the basic communication system is not good(In a plant the walky-talkies are not worked, when a safety test).
  • After the Japan Nuclear blast, All the countries started closing their old Nuclear plants.
  • After 2004 Tsunami, India started many Nuclear projects. this is strange. During the Tsunami time,  kalpakkam nuclear plant (Tamil nadu, India) went in to a major radiation probe(still there is radiation around the plant..). But the whole episode erased by local officials. Today the NGO surveys proves there are cancer symptoms in many civilians around the Nuclear plant. 
  • Nuclear radiation, Nuclear Waste.. there are many things to be monitor. In India, People easily can be corrupt and if that happens then its a huge probe.
  • We all have to understand one thing, Having nuclear plants is never gonna be safe to any country. Its like having an nuke bomb ready to explore any time. 
  • India and the world should learn from Japan.

                                                Stop Nuclear Projects.


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