Cellphone Radiation

The shocker I've always share with my buddies is this thing cellphone radiation. The image of course i saw in the net is really disturbing. Cellphoneaholics like me worried with these facts.

What cause Radiation?
Electromagnetic waves cause radiation. Even small amount of these will create radiation, For Ex.  X-Rays(That's why they say, don't take X-Ray often..). Cellphone rays are similar.
Before that.. Today, There were 43 billion(430 Crore..in Indian numbers.. ) cellphones in use all around the world. We are surrounded by cellphone rays.... Few claims that cellphone radiation killing the tiny Sparrows,The radiation that cellphone cause can easily harm human. Electromagnetic waves can stop cell division and stop the cell growth in our body. Finally, it cause Cancer. International Agency of Research on Cancer(IARC) says it all.
  • In India, GSM type of cellphones are used in large number. Radiation levels in GSM phones were 2 watts. In US it's 3.6 watts. Comparatively in CDMA type Cellphones it's lesser than 1 watts.
  • According to Specific Absorbing Rate(SAR), The harm level to human its 1.6 watt.

How to avoid (minimize) Cellphone Radiation?
  • Use your headset(headphone) while talking. or use hands free mode when you are alone(that's what i do)
  • Keep the cellphone away from your body when you not using it(that's the hard part).
  • Don't use cellphone in a closed car .
  • Keep left, use it your cellphone in left ear.
  • If you are a heavy cellphone user, check your radiation level at least once in a 6 month.