Google Street view - a constant Beta service - Hits India

Google Street view - a constant Beta service - Hits India 
This past week, vehicles of Google Street view started roaming the garden city.. Bangalore. This massive, unending project gonna be always in a beta stage.
Before that, What is Street view?.  Google maps with interactive street level imagery is Street view (actually an extension of Google maps .. ).
  • Street view, really a massive project Because, If Street view covers the whole globe, It should have took trillions of images(damn a lot zeroes..). Unlike the other services of Google(Maps,Earth) Street view not a Satellite imagery service. Street view cars have to physically travel all around the globe and if there is any update(it should be..) needed, they have to do it again and again.
  • Already controversies hit over the street images taken by street view cars(You can see that in Google ). Lots of vulnerability there, Like kissing, Pissing, Bikinis, Nudity, Prostitution,Violence etc..Bigger projects need bigger responsibilities(nice punch huh!.. ).
  • Google always conscious about its ad revenues, But Street view an extension service of Google Maps is not have that much scope for ad revenue. I mean the amount of physical activities is too much and for no revenue?.
  • Google's recent products are not really doing well(buzz not created a buzz anymore), Google doesn't have any active social networking site now(Orkut? don't be funny..).  Take care Google.