IPod - IPhone - I want?


i News: Last week, A Chinese teenager who attracted by apple products sold his kidney to buy them.The guy sold(Rs. 170,000) his kidney through an internet broker(the broker yet untraceable..), The parents finds the boy after all ends. Even though, This created a chaos in china; To apple, it shows how people mad at their products.

i Pod - i Phone: Few weeks ago, My friend wants to buy an i Pod and asking me(!) to come with him. I ask him one thing, Do you have a mobile phone?(He have an i Phone! ). He said "yes","then connect the headset that is i pod" its me. After that he quits that i Pod plan.

I told him an another story too... Few years back, Pager was introduced.. Pager was a Mobile text message gadget. But pager was shortly disappeared, when the cellphone hits the market. Cellphone was multitasking, we can text, talk... (now you can do all..). Now,  you carry a cellphone and a Pager in your pocket?. Similarly, You carry an i Pod and i Phone?. If you need reasons why you don't want to buy an i Pod.. Come to me.