3D Movies - I Hate Mixing 3D- I Hate 3D Goggles

3D Movies - I Hate Mixing 3D- I Hate 3D Goggles

My experience with the latest Pirates movie with 3D(i max 3D) is worse Because of the 3D and the 3D goggles also weigh too much that makes me sleep.. Actually the after production 3D movies like the pirates are irritating, For marketing reasons only they mixing the 3D effects. In 2010-11, Too many 3d movies(Mixing 3D movies..actually) coming to screens.
  • Making 3D movies are so easy these days, In Today's technology we can make more enhanced 3D movies. 
  • Avatar was the damn good 3D movie (its actually 4D). After watching Avatar 3D, These mixing 3D movies really S.u...(throat clearing..) makes my eyes suffer badly..
  • Today we are more 3D friendly with the gadgets like 3D TVs and Laptops.But I hate to wear the goggles,we can't watch 3D effects without those goggles?.. In future at least some brand will introduce that tech and that will be the real 3D.


  1. true...those goggles can be irritating...

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