Chat Dictionary

 Recently i learn chatting short words from a 13 year old boy and that boy is a geek, A future hacker. I always have an attitude of I'm the great in the planet, i know everything and a 13 year old destroyed my attitude.  My cellphone chat with that 13 year old boy, 
  • 13 year Boy: UT.
  • Me: ? 
  •  Boy: ASAP.
  • Me: ??.
  •  like this he uses many words, ROFL, OTP, CUZ, B4N, TTYL.
  • me:????.
When i know that i don't know these words i didn't reply him because i don't wanna show my ignorance to that kid(surely that's something called EGO). But that 13 year old big man understood me and  taught me the what are they..
 Chat Dictionary:
  • UT - Are you there.
  • ASAP - As Soon As Possible.
  • ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing.
  • OTP - On T he Phone.
  • CUZ,COZ  - Because(This i know ..).
  • GTG - Got To Go.
  • CYL - See You Later.
  • B4N - Bye For now.
  • TTYL - Talk To You Later.
There are many words exist like this, Many believes these words (abbreviations?) will took place in the  2020 edition of oxford dictionary. I better be a quick learner.