John's Phone - Simplest Cell phone in the World


John's Phone the simplest Cell phone in the world, that's what they call it. I tell you why, with John's phone you can talk and talk only nothing more than that. Today mobile phones are used for many things except talking. Most of the smart phones are acts like mini computers, Contrarily John's Phone is pretty much single tasking, that's only for talking.

Features of the John's Phone
  •  No Text message.
  •  No Mp3 player.
  •  No Video Player.
  •  No 3G.
  •  No memory.
  •  No Contacts
  •  No fancy ringtones.
But John's phone have something.

  • Long lasting battery(3 weeks),
  • An attached mini address book and a Pen.
  • Earphones.
A Netherlands company made this cool gadget, Basically people of UK are more legacy lovers and conservatives. No wonder they made this and definitely UK will love this phone. Not only UK, the whole cellphone haters love this John's Phone. If you sick of the modern cellphones and iPhone, Then you surely love this.


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