Alphabets for Next Generation

Alphabet,Alphabets for Next Generation

The next Generation Alphabets
  • A for Apple
  • B for Bluetooth
  • C for Chatting
  • D for Download
  • E for Email
  • F for Facebook
  • G for Google
  • H for HTML
  • I for I phone
  • J for Java
  • L for Laptop
  • M for Message
  • N for Nero
  • O for Orkut
  • P for Picasa
  • Q for QuickTime
  • R for Ram
  • S for Server
  • U for USB
  • V for Vista
  • W for WiFi
  • X for XP
  • Y for YouTube
  • Z for Zorpia
this is not some funny thing, actually we have to see this in different view. For instance, E for elephant or D for donkey are not a day to day object.. We only find them in zoo. Its gonna be weird to believe, But  A for Apple remains the same always..


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  2. ahh, the ABCD of modern times...interesting!!! :D

    Love in the times of 'samsung galaxy tab'.

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  3. Yes, need to update according to our lively-hood...

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