I have to Pay for Anna

I love the word serendipity (An unexpected heavenly happening..) and i tell you why i mentioned that word. For some reasons i decided to change my shop's name and going to register in days, the name changing idea came before 6 months but now only its very strong in my mind.
  . My shop's old name is west view baby shop, this name already taken by a Mumbai concern and they have the ™. So i got the new name and the registration process is going on, Now i tell you why i mentioned the word serendipity. the new name is Anna Baby Shop.
 The name just came out from me, But today the name Anna is so popular and i am proud of this co incident. 
Applying the TIN no and registering name
  • To apply TIN number, I have to pay to the tax office 530 rupees(officially).
  • But like all government offices sales tax office also a complete corrupted one.
  • So if i pay bribe to all the #@** officers , I have to spend 7000 rupees.
  • I'm saying i can't give bribe but my accountant says," if you not pay, You won't get your job done".
  •  How the officer will ask bribe after seeing the name Anna? Reality is they ask even for Gandhi.
  • My prayer is ..For the name  Anna sake i don't have to give bribe..
Now I'm in a war of my own in my mind, My intention is not to pay but my surroundings are not.. I'll update in few days that what wins.. My intention or ...


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