Real Victory of Anna

Real Victory of Anna

 Vande... Mataram, Inculab... Jindabad.,Bharat Maata ki... Je .. Most of us heard these words in period movies only. Reel heroes says these words emotionally.. but if someone says these words in today's India, it looks pretty odd to us and mostly they do for political reasons only. We never had the patrioticmotion in us.
  How many times we've seen our national flag waves in streets in recent past?, I've seen it while the world cup victory of Indian cricket team only.
  But last 10 days we've seen that patriotic motion in every Indian and our national flag  waving all the streets(not for cricket victory). That is the power of Anna. Now the Jan Lokpal in parliament and it seems this is victory.
  I don't believe Jan lokpal will end corruption and  this is not a victory of Anna. Anna made us Indians, When Anna says Vande mataram... it doesn't sounds odd to us.. even in 2011. That is what the victory of Anna. 


  1. I hope so such kind of movements will not end corruption. Whether the actors who participated in anna's fasting, are paying thier Income Tax promptly? we can't fight corruption with rules , we have to cultivate the Individual responsiblity in this.

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