Robots for Corruption

Robots for Corruption 
Robots, We only saw them in science fiction movies but the future is near. I know many of us  against robots..Because of the fear of domination over human race.
 But i have a reason to support the robots.. Imagine a Govt office full of robots.. and now you support me.

Yep .. To crush the corruption from our govt offices, Robots are the only choice we have. Many fed up Indians like me and even Anna hazare will support this.
Why not?
  • In 2025, Robots could fill 3.5 million human jobs in Japan. This because of the shrinking population of japan.
  • Industrial Robots already occupies most of the industrial jobs of humans
  •  Snake wranglers started using robots to find and catch snakes and that reduces the risk of snake bites..
Robotization is important  than privatization in Govt offices,
  • The productivity will improve with Robots.
  • Robots never asks Bribe (This is key..)
But if a govt officer trained a robot, Then Robot also ask bribe..



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