2080 Headlines - Facebook Kingdom

News Headlines in the year 2080,

  • Abdul Kasab dies at 97 in jail.
  • Sharad pawar owns half the world.
  • A Raja's( tainted ex telecom minister) grand son R Ilaya raja does a 6g scam.
  • A girl in Mumbai travels 50 feet safely.
  • "Andaman hurricanes" new team joins the IPL as 76th team.
  • Pakistan occupying the whole western India, now want Delhi too. Indian PM( would be Manmohan Singh's grandson and Rahul Gandhi's son as congress party leader)says that they can resolve issues only by peaceful talks.
  • In Bollywood, Golmal 34 released, Tushar kapoor still unable to talk or act.
and This is the Mother of all..
  • the web giant Facebook declared as a country ! all members will become the citizens of Facebook.
  • Facebook did that with a simple privacy update.. So all hail Facebook.
  • Actually Facebook would be a Kingdom like Great Brittan was once.. Many groups fighting for freedom. In India.. Gandhi's grand grand grand ......son leading the Indian freedom struggle in the way of Gandhi .. Non violence.
An Indian sms with some interpretations..


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