how to break your laptop

how to break your laptop

This is a practically proven idea..So we are sure about the damage.

How to break your Laptop very simple and cool
  • Watch your favorite video songs at sleepy time with headset
  • When you fall in to half sleep, Your head set will fall in to the laptop key board (one piece is enough..).
  • Turn off your laptop.
  • Fold your screen.. Its not closing?(head set piece stuck inside .!).. Press well enough.
  • That's it.. Your LCD screen will broke and liquid will come out. 
  • Many cases screen only break..If you  lucky enough,Then liquid will go in to the circuit boards and the  laptop would become a serving tray.. Cool huh?.
 This is a real experience of my friend Vikki..He have(d) Sony vaio and this is how he broke his laptop.
Future how to articles
  • How to break your iPod/iPhone.
  • How to break your TV.
I'll share it after he broke them.

Disclaimer: The user experience differs person to person, So we are not responsible, if there is only minimum damages.


  1. thanks & its not sony vaio, its compaq, me yours vikki

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  2. oh i thought thats ur laptop,and r u ready to break ur laptop???
    by vikki sister.

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