Secret Mail - send Private messages

Some times we need super secret services like this..You wanna share a secret to a person, But only that person. There are hackers all around , so email is not a good idea, It should be secret so no text,The message should be deleted after one time read.. so try Privnote ..
Secret Mail - send Private messages

This is the service
  • Write a secret message or Note.
  • Get a link and send it through mail/text.
  • The message will self destruct After being read.
That's it..Your secret was still a secret..
  •  The messages are self destructive, so the user can read only one time. Then it will be deleted automatically by itself.
  •  Secret agents may need this service
  •  More than secret agents, Girls need this kind of secret message services. They can send multiple love letters through this.. no one find it and prove it (even boy friends..). 

So, If you wanna share hush.. hush.. secret messages with other, Share it with Privnote


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