Wear your Email Mask

Most of the time we need to be an anonymous user in web space, But many websites ask our email id to use their service. We do hesitate to share our email id because of the spam threat and the credibility of the websites, .
  Here is the simple solution for use those websites.., Not sharing my info gives you a permanent mask for your email id.
Not sharing my info-wear your Email Mask

  • Enter your email id and get a not sharing my info email id,Something looks like this xxx@notsharingmy.info .
  • We can use this mail id to one time visit websites and doubtful websites. Spammers can't track us.
  •  The news letters and reports are forwarded to your mail id (like URL forwarding).
  • But can't use this id in main stream websites such as Facebook.
Again this is not prevent us from spam mails because modern mail services(G mail..) are much better than spammers, so they can filter spam mails. not sharing my info mail id helps us to hide our privacy.. That's it.
Not sharing my info


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