Ace or Ass

This post not about any one or anything and not about Nuclear plant politics...
Ace or Ass - A confusion over the Ace game
Ace or Ass - A confusion over the Ace game
Ace, the famous playing card game... in my part of the world(country) we call it Ass(donkey). I recently only came to know that the game is Ace and not Ass.. I started playing this Ass (Ace) game,when i was a kid(7 years) and Some 40+ old guys taught me this.
Me and many of my  friends(they are the Ace players in the game with Ass rule..) believe that Ass must be the suitable name for the rules
..I doubt the rules of this game,
  • According to the rules, 2 or more persons can play (as much as many persons..the game will be interesting..). and on..
  • End of the game, who have cards left in his hands is the Ace(Ass).
  • According to the original rules its winning and the guy take the Ace card as a reward and he gets the honor of start the next game.
  • Our(Ass) rules is damn contrast to the original.. According to our rules,We follow the same thing but  we call him(Ace winner) a loser and having the Ace(Ass) card is a punishment.
  • We following this rule over many decades, Our mentors taught the game this way only..What we do?
I apologize to the Ace gamers for following Ass rule for an Ace game.....
But my apologies will continue, whenever we play the game..Because we play only Ass not boring rule creators..Ace rule stinks..