India - We are 99%

In the recent past we are witnessing many appraisals in all around the world against governments and rulers...Libya,Egypt, the whole middle east..the list goes. The almighty US  always stays with the protesters and encouraged these people movements. But its the    US is the latest .But this people movement is different..its against the corporate companies and privatization.. "We are 99%" that's the name of the movement. The protest . Its pretty similar to communism..and India will see this soon

  • In short words, America is fully depends on corporate companies..Individual billionaires are the benefices of government policies. Then what..the Rich get richer .. poor get poorer . mediocre going mediocre. and they are the 99%.The protest already hits over 800 cities in the world and on.
  • In US, billionaires are growing..their income increasing 392% in last 30 years but avg income of an American is decreasing.
  • The simple thing we have to TAX... billionaires paying less tax and ordinary people paying more tax.. Government paying subsidies for he corporate bankruptcies. 
  • Come to India now .. India a democratic country like America and following the similar policies.. Taking care of few corporates,billionaires.. But India not facing any protest like we are 99%.
  • If  we say, What about Anna movement? ..its about corruption and the whole main picture is simply avoided in Anna 's protest.. 
  • yep.. we simply angry at politicians only...not against any corporates and billionaires.
  •  Do we know what  % is taxes in Mukesh/Anil Ambani's income?         ..i don't know too..but it is far lesser than an average Indian.  
  • American billionaire warren buffet(3rd in world's richest men) says "billionaires should pay more, I can pay more taxes " he asks more tax to many Indian billionaires would say that?..
  • Corruption is a big problem in directly affects the common man.. But corporates can do way big things.. which indirectly affect common man..
  • for instance,2g scam.. 176,000 crores of  public money involved in that scam alone.. Politicians are just agents in this kind of huge scam and politicians are dumb too.. Corporates have the big hand in this. But we only see the politicians.