Ladders to Climb up and Climb down? - Another game confusion

Snakes-and-ladders-Ladders to Climb up and Climbdown - Another game confusion

 Snakes and ladders, the famous board game (an Indian invention..). The rules are simple just role the dice and move ahead that's it. If you on a snake's head , you go down and ladder will climb you up. This is the rule and damn simple..
But my friends are the dumbest smart guys in the planet, Because they asking for a change in rules and its logical too.
  •   They say, snakes will bite and we go down.. that part is OK.
  •   In daily life,Ladder is a thing can help us to climb up and  to climb down. But, in this game why ladders only used for climb up and not climb down?.(The creator of the game must answer this)..
The key things about the game..
  • The original name of  snakes and ladders is Paramabadh or Vaigundapalli. Based on the concept of Vaishnav(Lord Vishnu worshipers ).
  • Life have its ups and downs.. if we live on our life with hope, we go heaven. That's the essence of the game.
  • English  spread the game to the world as Snakes and ladders.