Where our Used Monitors goes?

 When you changed your CRT monitor last time?.. a year back i did it. My old Samsung CRT monitor was not Eco friendly, consumes more power. I exchanged my old Samsung monitor with the new LG LED monitor(my favorite brand.). Actually, my old monitor was really old(i used it for 7 years). I got a good price(Rs. 800) for it,But i wonder how can they take and pay for that old monitor.. oh then what will they do with it?.
     My wonder questions get answered by a TV series (called Don't tell my mother,National geographic channel)... I gotta know about the e waste hub of the world and that is Nigeria..one of the biggest electronic waste/e waste hub in the world.
    Our used/old monitors,TV,computer parts,cellphones and all electronic parts are called e waste. These e waste trash are going to Nigeria and the African neighbors are the customers of these used goods. Nigeria is the biggest used goods market in the world.
Fire eats the rest of the waste...   It is a big Eco threat.
Where our Used Monitors goes-E-waste-Nigeria

  • Nigeria is also famous for pirates, Many says that government of Nigeria is not against to piracy and related activities( no job, no money..what people do?). 
  •  Most of the internet scam mails (like you won $ 5,00,000) we are receiving from Nigerian scammers and that's why its called Nigerian scam.But i love to see those messages every morning because my day is so positive then. Personally i thank them.
  • Nigeria is the entertainment capital of Africa. In fact,  World's third largest film industry is Nollywood of Nigeria.