Kolaveri Awards 2011

Kolaveri Awards 2011

Silent Kolaveri 2011 : Manmohan Singh.

Silent Kolaveri 2011- Manmohan Singh
This award have only one nominee and he will get this till 2014. Whether its a 2G spectrum issue or inflation or corruption or any other national issue he remains silent or goes for a foreign tour.

Popular Kolaveri : Anna Hazare
Popular Kolaveri Anna Hazare
Many politicians,film stars took years to get fame, But Anna hazare did it in a year. Right time,Right thing.. that made him a popular person of the year.

Restless Kolaveri 2011 : Indian Cricket.
BCCI logo - Restless Kolaveri 2011 - Indian Cricket
How many of us remember the world cup victory of Indian cricket team?.. Oh yeah ..they won....that's the reaction(you too..). Because of the too...o many games we forgotten the most prestigious  victory.  Players not even celebrated the historic victory. IPL,T20 s, One day  test cricket, Travel, net practice.... Oh my god.. BCCI the autonomous sports club just used(using) its gladiators as much as it can. Even a spectator like me  feel restless of watching too much cricket. How can cricketers ..

Media Kolaveri 2011Kapil Sibal.
Media Kolaveri 2011 - Kapil Sibal
 He shows his media kolaveri in his interviews and press meets. He can answer any question regarding any issue "2G scam was not cause any loss to public money,.." this  is one of  Mr. Kapil Sibal's comment..He screws media guys,TV hosts..(including Arnob goswamy) with manipulating tough words.  All the politicians like Manish Tiwari must learn this from Kapil Sibal. He receives another Kolaveri award for censorship over websites.

British Kolaveri 2011 : Congress Party.
  Ruling Congress party learned one thing from the British rule and that is "Divide and Conquer". In all major issues congress uses this rule to conquer the problem.
Few ..
  • Creating tremors and Divide the Anna hazare team,
  • Taking Mullai Periyar dam issue to divert Koodankulam Nuclear plant issue,etc.

Kolaveri Kolaveri 2011: Dhanush(Actor,singer,lyricist ).
Kolaveri Kolaveri 2011 - Dhanush
   He is the reason why Kolaveri awards.. so have to give him Kolaveri kolaveri award. Many searched for meaning of Kolaveri and that credit goes to Dhanush. He created a new trend(both Google and Music trend), The kolaveri trend.All the best for future kolaveri s.

Many Google d for what is kolaveri meaning..? Kolaveri means ..Killing motive or killer rage or Phonomania.


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