Socl - A Microsoft Facebook

Socl - A Microsoft Facebook
 This is an era of Social websites.Many of us spending our lives in Facebook and other social websites. so they making big money.All the companies knows the value of social websites and try to have one.
  After a decade of hibernation(not a compliment..),Microsoft started realizing this factor. Microsoft currently working on its new(?) idea of developing a social website. Microsoft, surely a legend in software industry. Microsoft always underestimated the internet and didn't took it seriously. Suddenly...  Now Microsoft is getting ready to jump on the social web competition.

  •  Microsoft's new social website named as Socl. When we say.. its Social (that's genius man..).
  •  "A Computer in every home" - Bill gate.   This dream may became a reality yesterday(last decade..) and Microsoft windows is the widely installed OS. Microsoft was damn satisfied with this dream.. 
  • Where others like Steve jobs had even big dream that.. Every hand have their product and everyone connect with their product and that is happening now with tablets,i phones and social websites.
  • Microsoft never understood the power of internet and now its too late to get in.
  •  It went so deeper than we could imagine.
  • For Socializing Facebook, For videos YouTube, For search Google... these are all fixed in our minds. So replacing Facebook is not that easy.
  • Google still struggling with social web technology. (No one knows why..Google not taking care of Orkut )..Many don't understand what is Google+ and circle(is it a secret technology?) ..damn confusing. The internet legend still not get in to the social web business..that's for sure.
  • Man.. then how can a traditional so called computer/software company like Microsoft can do?
  • Socl built on HTML5 technology. so no flash required for YouTube videos and other stuffs.Bing search,Google+,Facebook,.. all Integrated(god knows what it is).
  • Socl still under beta stage.. oh sorry... Socl under a secret review...this is what all says. It clearly shows the hesitation of Microsoft to entering social web.
  • Let see when it come to business and how its gonna change the social web society.
  • But a few thousand guaranteed users already available for Socl ..they are none other than the employees of Microsoft.

 Dumb like me Ask this question only.. "I'm happy with Facebook and all my friends are there,then why should i need Socl "...  If  Socl Have answer this ..its a hit..or.. Hey do you know  Bill gates 's Facebook page?..