Bharat Ratna Sachin - The Gem of India

Bharat Ratna Sachin - Gem of India
Sachin is the one hell of a great player in world cricket..
Bharat Ratna is the one hell of a great award..
A great honor in the world...
Only 41 great persons got it till now(Jan 2012)..
  Sachin the first man gonna score 100 100 s in all form of cricket and a great great player of all time.
Recently, Many nominating his name for Bharat Ratna and no one opposing it. As we know This award yet to honor the sports personalities.
  Already some politics came  to play in this, Some  recommending Abhinav Bindra for Bharat Ratna.Even though Abhinav is an Olympian, He yet to achieve many things in his career and someone ask Bharat ratna for Viswanathan Anand. So it leads some other nominations and create some unwanted issues.. politicians surely play games with this.
 We know, Sachin already a Gem of India(Bharat Ratna) in our hearts.. When he is gonna honor Bharat Ratna..?.


  1. With enough potential and strength even in the verge of fourtees .....always a high arm,sweet smile,valcro hands,thuggin legs ..raise above the a king of cricket! !

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