India is a strange democratic nation which don't have an autonomous investigation agency and have a political private club for a sport that attracts every Indian.
CBI - BCCI - shift powers

Central Bureau of Investigation, the apex investigation agency in India have to report a ministry under the prime minister. CBI have to ask permission from Prime minister for filing case against a minister(which means can't file..). We knew all the cases against politicians go nothing in a time. No one knows what happened to Bofors scandal?.  2G and all other cases will go nothing in time. If CBI is a free and an active agency we don't need Lokpal.

BCCI : Politicians,Business men are the only members of this club. So eventually Power and money involving in this. Few years back, veteran cricketer  Kapil Dev oppose the BCCI and  created a new league called ICL with .But ICL soon turned a big flop Because no one can stand against the political power and money power of BCCI. We know the IPL team owners but do we know who owns BCCI ?.

Better shift the power from  BCCI  to CBI ( not politicians).


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