Mineral water - Is it safe?

Mineral water - Is it safe?
Is our Mineral water safe?
Central Environmental corporation says All kinds of mineral water products are not safe..
 According to Central Environment Corporation, Evian (French brand)is the only drinkable mineral water brand.
  • During the cleaning process,30 different chemical agents used to clean(?) the Ordinary water and we get the mineral water. But the chemical agents left their footprint in the final product. We may get the germs free drinkable mineral water in this process. But the water poised with the chemical agents.
  • Aldrin, a pesticide and world using as a pesticide. Here in India, all the mineral water companies using this thing as a cleaning agent in mineral water production.At least 10 % of Aldrin stays with water which we drink.
  • Chlorobi Paribas, Endosulfan,Lindane are some other hazardous chemical and pesticide things used in mineral water production.
  • 1 Liter mineral water can contain 0.1 Milli grams of chemical agent and not exceed that...this is the approved ratio of  the Health ministry of India. But most of the brands not following this ratio and drastically, the chemicals ratio in mineral water is 4.0 Milli grams per Liter.
  • That's why the water glows like mercury..i don't think we are drinking H2O.
  • What we doing is removing the biological things and adding chemical things in the name of mineral water.
  • Biological things doesn't affect much like these pesticide chemical things.Even bacterial germs die in a hot temperature.. so we can drink hot water instead of these mineral water.
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