Drip Read - a page each day

 Reading books is a good thing but many books weigh too much and we(me) felt asleep after reading preface. Many of us never read the book till the end for many reasons(lazy..) and we(i) even forgot the page i read last.. .A book reader got this idea of read one page a day.. That's what they call drip-read . A drop of knowledge each day (subtitle).
Concept is very simple,
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  • select what book you want to read.
  • Each day you receive one page in your inbox.
Drip-Read a page each day
I saw many interesting  books like 

  • The Foolish Dictionary - a sample of  the Book ALCOHOL A liquid good for preserving almost everything except secrets.
  • Ten Thousand Dreams interpreted , 
  • The science of Fairy Tales,
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon hill.
  • Sherlock Holmes.
  • The people that Time Forgot .
  • War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.
and the amazing book that India gifted to the world The Kamasutra also available and i didn't read it.