Buy Ticket for Space ship - Escape Earth 2012

Buy Ticket for Space ship - Escape Earth 2012
Tickets... Tickets... Tickets... buy tickets to escape from the.... Dooms Day, the apocalypse, the end of the world day 21/12/2012 . Remember the Hollywood blockbuster 2012 and its space ship(Made in china).. Yeah.. they selling tickets. Wait there is more..
    Two types of  tickets as they say for luxury, First Class and Superluminal(What's that)..
First class costs $24.49, Superluminal costs $44.99 .(Really cheap for world's end)... We can find out the difference only if we travel in this space ship thing. ... They won't ask passport or any thing for ticket booking, Just enter your name and pay from your PayPal account that's it. 
 One of  the Interesting  FAQ :
"What is your 100% money back guarantee?
If the world ends on December 21, 2012, we guarantee your survival and placement on a new Earth-like planet via first class space travel aboard the USS Ark 2012™. If you don’t survive, you get your money back. This guarantee is only good if there is an apocalypse on planet Earth. "

 Don't ask this is a scam or legit because it is scam but one of the sweet scam. Even if anyone bought tickets they would also accept this. . Nowadays, people seeks money out of everything..of course fear is the key factor.
No wonder people buy tickets from this site..its simply the Fear Factor

 We accept it or not, Fear is the most effective factor in  all.

  •     Army - fear of safety.
  •     Vaccination - fear of disease
  •     Savings - fear of future.
 All is Fear..
Unlike the CPC(Cost per Click) scam sites, this one is a cool scam until you pay for your ticket.  Anyways Nice idea by the site owner. He must be a rich man by now.