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Once upon a time.... (Not long ago)
  As an IT student i do think that writing assignments is the dumbest  thing  ever (and another  dumbest thing is i have studied COBOL one of the oldest programing language.) . Because I never gonna write anything in the future (at least not more than 100 words..).
   Every time my lecturer Charles(HOD) punish me with the 10 page assignment of writing, in my mind voice" sir why don't you make it a typing assignment instead of writing." because i use key board in future(that's today..) and not pen. But our Egoistic traditional lecturers don't get that and they would give another assignment for that too.
   After college, i got a job in a Netherlands based mediocre web designing company in .. I thought assignment writing ages  are over.. But my boss want me to write an assignment about Netherlands.. still i can't ask why writing not typing?..
  • Using papers is not an Eco friendly thing.
  • Typing is a soft skill important for the future.
 Egoistic senseless Education..


  1. I find it rather odd that your teacher does not allow you to type. However, I don't quite buy that using computers is really more eco-friendly than writing on paper. The resources for producing a computer are already huge in themselves. Morever, given that computer use and writing is nowadays always tied up with using cloud services and the internet, computer use means that we're all the time accessing servers and huge networks whose maintenance devours massive amoungs of resources and energy.

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