How much Facebook earns from me

Facebook entering stock market. that's the big news all around the media now.. . That means We are the share holders and we get money for our all status messages, likes,unlike s... its OK we are not gonna get any penny for that ..but Facebook does.
How much Facebook earn from me - How worthy i am

This is how things goes in Stock Market:
  In stock market, A car company's value decided by it's market value,sales and future sales. But  Facebook have no selling product... all it has is we the users..Remember,we are the asset to Facebook .. We are the real "Valued" users of Facebook. Every one of us matters to Mark Zuckerberg.
    That kid(Mark Zuckerberg) and Facebook values us according to our activity..our likes,unlike s,photo sharing,tagging,Status messages(including I'm offline), all calculated in pennies(dollars).
 Apart from that stock market thing, Facebook earns $5 in a year from me by showing ads to me. I worth  $119 to Facebook. We can check how much Facebook earn from us and how worthy we are to Facebook in Go .
  •  Mark Zuckerberg added only 10 status messages this year  life event "Married Priscilla Chan". This is him on Facebook with 14million followers.
  • Few years back when Orkut was so popular..  some said that Orkut making lots of money with user activity that in numbers a cent for a scrape.. (i stopped scrapping after that).
  • One big woe ... Facebook's only income source is showing ads.
  •  The auto mobile legend General motors said that they not gonna give ads to Facebook anymore because Facebook ads are not better than mainstream media ads and its better to use the Facebook page(its free..) . If all big brands does that, its not good for Facebook.