Penalty to Private - Why should pay Penalty charges to Private companies

Do you remember how many time you got penalized by private companies ?..your bank? your broad band service provider? .you ever  think what they do with your penalty money?.
Penalty to Private - Why should pay Penalty charges to Private companies; we are private we make money in every thing

  • Privatization in service sector is questionable because they always looking to earn money out of everything.
  •  As an outstanding(late comer) student i paid a fair amount of penalty to my school. My school use the penalty money  for charity or spend it for poor kid's education or something. So whenever i pay penalty i feel bit happy because its for good cause at last.  
  • But these days too much of private hands in school business(?). I don't know how the penalty money is spent by the schools because you know it... Most schools.  
  • Telecom sector should need more restrictions in these penalty income. Often we(i) pay as penalty  is the late payment charges. I don't understand the concept, First of all.. If i delayed my payment one day from the due date, the company charging extra 100 bucks(with service tax) and if more delayed, there comes the service interruption. Even if I'm a 3 year long continued(privileged?) customer.
  • A senior citizen couple living in an 20 story apartment and rarely come out side of their flat because of their bad health. They are using broadband for only to chat with their NRI son in UK. They are customer of an internet service provider more than 3 years and they pay bill with penalty every month because of the company. According to The company terms they only arrange door collection service after the due date crossed. The old couple can't go anywhere or don't have technical knowledge for online payment.  So they paying penalty every month. 
  • Imagine a telecom company earn 10% extra money through penalty, They spend it for charity or customer offers? no its just an another way of income.
  • OK. the telecom company collecting the extra money(penalty) from their customers because of they doubt the customer is suspicious. But why don't the company return the penalty amount in the next bill because the customer is legit and continuing with the company. The company  got its original bill amount then why they needed the extra money?. why TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) not getting into these things?.
  • Can Kingfisher airlines pay penalty to their passengers for their non service?.
  • My HD_C bank account was closed for funny reason by the bank without any proper intimation to me..Any way the account was closed with some good amount of money...Bank staffs said, i get the money in next day by DD through courier.. But due to some technical malfunctioning of the bank, I got my money after 35 days from the closed date. All i got from the bank for their mistake is just a SORRY from a call center employee.. and no penalty or late payment charges.