Bloom Box - The Green Energy

 You know  how Google powers its data center?
Bloom box,  clean, sustainable, renewable energy. Not only Google, many like Walmart, the coca-cola company  started using this bloom energy for their electricity needs. For your information, Bloom Box is an invention by an Indian scientist  Dr. K.R. Sridhar .
 Many green energy ideas were not applicable because of the cost, But Bloom energy is so cheap (as far as corporates).
Bloom Box - The Green Energy

  •  Dr. K.R. Sridhar completed his B. E in R.C.E Trichy (now NIT) and settled in U.S like other talented Indians. But unlike others, he became a Scientist in NASA. That means he is smart.
  •  NASA impressed with Sridhar's talent and included him in a historic mission.
  •  Around 1994, Dr. K.R. Sridhar working on creating a technology to convert Martian atmospheric gases to oxygen for propulsion and life support. The original mission was failed for many reasons, but Sridhar came to know that he invented something. An Accidental Invention.
  •  Dr. Sridhar and his team  built a fuel cell capable of producing electricity from air and fuel generated by a solar panel. This is a reverse idea of NASA's failed mission.
  • That is the Bloom box. As they say,  Bloom-energy is renewable, less Greenhouse gasses, affordable and Eco friendly.
  • Bloom energy is affordable, This is important because Bloom box device doesn't have any fancy parts like platinum or plutonium (used in Atomic energy).
  • The customer list is tell you why this is important. Google , The Coca-cola company , Adobe , Walmart , eBay and on.  This is impressive huh?.
  • Since it is affordable energy, corporates saves millions of dollars in a year. 
  • Bloom box costs three crores in Indian rupees. But within 10 years we could get it for 3000 dollars (150,000 rupees).

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  1. Not only Bloom energy, we are surrounded by energies all around us.We have the mass , force and hidden energy (potential energy)everywhere. All we need is the right mind and the right resource without any political involvement

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