Building Maker from Google Earth

Thinking big is the motto of Google I guess because Google always comes with complex ideas which need plenty of human hours. Google Building maker let you create buildings in Google earth. At first it looks like a fun tool or game but Google actually wants us to work for its new product.
Building Maker from Google Earth
  • Install Google earth add on to your browser.
  • Pick your city (now limited cities only available).
  • Pick a spot you know in the city.
  • create your building with easy imagery and 3D tools.
  • Save it. That's it.
  • If Google review accepts your building, it will be public on Google earth.
Before Build your buildings.
  • Google don't accept all our buildings.
  • Your building should looks like the real world building .
  • so you must read the Accepting criteria.
  • This is not all fun.
  • But worth a try.

Google Building Maker