Cost of the Indian President

President of India - if i said the temporary king of India, many would get angry. But if you read this post, you will agree that Indian president is bit costly.

  • Salary of the Indian President is exactly 1,47,728 Rupees. But its just for piggy bank savings.
  • Indian president get another 15,00,000 Rupees per year as pocket money, May be for window shopping.
  • The east facing Rashtrapathi bhavan has 4 floors,340 rooms and built in a area of 2,00,000 square feet.Indian President's residence is the largest residence for a President in planet earth (i believe).
  • 200 servants(Royal servants?) work day and night to take care the the king and his family's needs..oh sorry, president and his/her family's needs.
  • What about car?. Of course, president got a nice, luxury, Bullet proof, Accident proof Mercedes Benz worth of 200,00,000 Rupees. Nice ride huh?.
  • Flights - 4 Embraer 135 flights and 3 Boeing Business Jets (BBJ).   Air India allocates 7 flights exclusively for Indian president/Prime minister, These flights are always on "ready to fly mode" and they costs Rs. 934 Crores.
  • Travel expenses are depends on President's mood. In her tenure of last five years, Ex-President Pratibha Patil spent just 205 Crores on her travel expenses.
  • All above that India is a democratic Constitution not Monarchy.