Pixel websites - Pixel Matters here

 One pixel website, the name tell you the story . This s a website with only one pixel and nothing more. The content of this website is one blinking white pixel. The single pixel have a poem(in Morse code) and a link to about page. Cute idea but one visit worth website. They claim this is the smallest website theoretically.


Talking about smallest website, There is a website which sized about only 18/18 pixels yet contains fun things. Titled as world's smallest website, this site have games like pong,asteroid and many in smallest size. This site have smallest piano,smallest Simon and even a blog. unlike the one pixel website , this is bit spendable but if we spend sometime, we get some eye problem for sure. 

This is not a smallest or pixel sized website but every pixel matters here because every pixel is representing a person in world population. This webpage contains only 6.5 billion pixels (that includes you) which represents human population of the earth  in the year 2006(not updated) . If you have doubt in numbers, just count on the pixels.

The million dollar home page,This website is the best in pixel websites because it actually sells pixels. one pixel costs one dollar in this website. Read the older post(7/19/11) to know more about Million Dollar Home page.