This is what Happening in an Internet Day

This is What happening in an Internet day.
an internet day

168 million DVD info consumed in a day 
A day's internet traffic information can fill 168 million DVDs.

294 emails sent in a day 
294 Billion Emails exchanged in a day.
2 Million Blog Posts a Day 
2 Million blog posts are written (including this one).

172 million different people visit Facebook 
172 million different people visit Facebook each day.

4.7 Billion Minutes spent on Facebook 
On the whole 4.7 Billion minutes spent in Facebook and 532 million status messages are updated.

250 Million photo uploads to Facebook 
250 Million photos are uploaded to Facebook. If we print and stack them, it would be 80 times taller than Eiffel Tower

22 Million Hours of Netflix Videos 
22 Million hours of old TV shows and movies are watched on netflix.

864000 Hours of YouTube uploads 
When it comes to videos it is YouTube, the big daddy of videos.864,000 hours of videos uploaded in one day (downloads?) and that is 98 years of non-stop cat videos.

14.6 Minutes porn and 18.7 Million hours of Pandora Music 
An average internet user spends 14.6 minutes in watching porn (not me and you).
1 8.7 Million hours of music daily streamed in Pandora alone and that is more than 2000 years!.

35 million Apps Download including 1288 New apps 35 Million apps downloaded in a day for hand held devices like iPhone and that includes the 1288 new apps.

378000 i Phones sold378,000 i Phones sold in a day and that beats the number of babies born in a day.

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