Why the Great Inventor is not Rich and Popular?

 Steve jobs,Bill gates,Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg . Most of us know these names or heard of them at least because all these guys are changed the way of our lives and of course we owe them a lot. They invented something(or have copyrights), had a business model in their minds and Richie rich.

Apart from the invention and new ideas, These guys wants to make money and that's good for them too. But we should know a man who created the WWW and let us use it for free, whose work comparable to Graham bell(telephone),He is the reason why today everyone accessing  Google and Facebook.
Tim Berners-Lee

 Tim Berners-Lee, Most of us never heard of the name or who is he. But everyone of us owe him a lot Because he is the reason we are online and connected now. Tim, he is the man who invented the World Wide Web (WWW). for more.

Wonder how big this is?. But Tim saw it an invention and didn't see the business model (or he doesn't want). We could say, everything is making money and got spotlight in WWW, except WWW.

How big market WWW is..
  • Today, World Wide Web is the biggest market place. 
  • The suffix(.com,.org) naming company ICANN doing good business by selling suffixes like .com,.org and now they selling gTLD too. All great money.
  • Go Daddy.com like companies selling Domains/Domain names. 
  • Google making all kinds of money through web.
  • And Facebook, we all knew ..
  • The creator of WWW living a normal life in England without .
  • Tim got the great honor of 20th century. He got knighted by the Queen as Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  • Founder of W3c (w3 consortium).
  •  The first ever website/web server is Info.cern.ch. This page online since 6th august 1991. 
  • So its  21+ years for WWW, web developed so much, Web 3.0. But the inventor not satisfied with this.
  • Tim's rating to current growth of web is B+, hardly A-. He expecting more.