Cellphones Kill Bees

After they find that it kills sparrows, now its Bees. Cellphone rays.
Increasing amount of cellphones and tablets are great threat to ecology.

 Bees can fly around 5 Km from their home (honey comb/hive) to do their usual job of honey collecting and pollination. Bees fly large in numbers and close to one another, But that's not how they find their home. Bees have unique gift of nature, they find their home with the help of earth's electromagnetic field.
Cell phones to kill Bees

 Cellphone rays (or signal field, how to call it?) everywhere in the earth because of increasing number of cellphones and tablets. These cellphone rays distracting the bees from the earth's electromagnetic field. So, Bees can't find their home and they die in larger numbers. They call it Colony Collapse Disorder.

This could lead to the end of the bee species. When there is no bees, No Pollination, No vegetation,  no Human race. Remember Bee Movie?.

Bee Buzz

  •  According to modern aviation, There is no way that bees can fly or Aerodynamically impossible for bees to fly (bees don't think too much like humans).
  •  If Bees gone from earth, Human race will come to an end with in five years. - Albert Einstein. So, if no Bee colony, No Human Colony in the planet.