How much your Rupee Cost

 They say "know your Rupee note". So know it
What is your Rupee bill cost in Rupees?.
This is not about Forex rate or how rupee cost in US Dollars. This is the printing cost of Indian rupee bill.
Rupee denomination and printing cost
  •     10 Rupees cost 96 Paise.
  •     20 Rupees cost 1 rupees and 46 Paise.
  •     50 Rupees cost 1 rupees and 81 Paise.
  •   100 Rupees cost 1 rupees and 79 Paise.
  •   500 Rupees cost 3 rupees and 58 Paise.
  • 1000 Rupees cost 4 rupees and   6 Paise.

Other facts about Rupee
  • One and Two rupees(paper bill) are not in use and no  production.Coins are replaced the paper currency because Coins are more life than paper bills.
  • Minimum denomination of paper currency in India is Five. Like one rupee and two rupee bills, Five rupees also not be produced anymore. Only coins.
  • Paper currencies easy to carry but easy to destroy too. 
  • In the near future, Reserve bank of India plans to circulate plastic currencies.