Bar code Yourself

 How many people calculated/insulted you with your "worth" and adding a virtual price tag?. Well that's everyone's problem., That's why Bar code artist Scott Blake thinking this way.
 First, know what's in the bar code,
Bar Code Yourself

  Bar codes contains all the information about a product that includes the manufacturer ID,product info and all. Scott Blake, an artist want to do with human "worth" price tag and Bar code. So, he ends up with this idea of Human Bar coding.

 This is not a serious stuff, this is nothing to do with your financial status or something, Its just like a BMI calculator. visit Bar-code Art website

Start Bar code wizard

Pick your
  • Gender,
  • Age,
  • Country,
  • Height,
  • Weight,
That's it. You got your Bar code and embarrass who price tagged you with this. May be we could use it as Facebook Cover., That's the place to Bar code yourself and Scott Blake added more stuff.


  1. Thanks for this.. is actually a fun idea

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