News never Ends in India - India the state of News

 There is always a breaking news in India..India never runs out of news.
Ask yourself,  How many hours you spend to news in a day?..
Many of us really living with the news like my brother. He watch news channels whenever he is in home even for hours.
  •  India is a biggest news market, just like other commodities news is a good one. In fact, Best selling commodity.
  • 10+ English news channels, 100+ regional news channels  and all of them showing news always. do they run out of news
  • Don't forget the 1000+ News papers and weeklies which supplies tons and tons of news all the year.
  • Internet,Mobile apps. Oh my god., News is everywhere.
Breaking News-News never Ends in India - India the state of News

What makes News,
  • News makers like Anna hazare,Arvind Kegrival. In fact  they are the 2011,2012 news makers and they did that with Anti corruption agitations.
  • Politics in many ways making the news.
  • The plum cake of news India is Cricket. India never runs out of Cricket too. So, always predictions,criticism,advices,debates go on about cricket.
  • How can you live without Movies?. Yep, Bollywood news take place in every break fast,lunch,dinner menus. Movie promos, Deepika dig Anushka,Katrina dig Priyanka,.. wow those news never ends.
On a serious note, just know the news, Don't get obsessed with news.
  • Watching news channels 24/7 doesn't make you intelligent.
  • Know the news, don't live in news.

Imagine a day there is no news to show in India.. don't get it?. They make that a Breaking news "There is no news today" and Anchors like Arnob goswami take it as a serious debate.

Don't freak out of Breaking news,  Go watch some Disney movies.


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