Difference between Science and Spirituality

 "Science says Humans are Ascendants of Apes
Spirituality says Humans are descendant of God"
                                                                        -  Arun Alwar
Difference between Science and Spirituality

Even though, both of these theories yet to be proved I'm comfortable with the God thing.
  •  I remember the freaky words of Dr. Neil degrease. He compares us with Apes and aliens(if exist)  in his video"a disturbingly fascinating thought" in YouTube, 
  •  Human DNA and Chimp DNA got 99% match. That 1% makes us different from monkeys.
  • We make symphony,we discover planets,hacking computers,world war 1 and 2,  all with that 1% damn difference. 
  • What if  God or alien or damn other creature has 1% extra DNA than us like we do with monkeys. Its interesting.