Few things about Google maps and Street view

Few things about Google maps that amaze you.
Few things about Google maps

  • Google maps doesn't show the map of North Korea (actually not detailed) 
  • Google maps have almost caused war between countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Not to forget about Arunachal Pradesh issue between India and China. 
  • Google maps updates it's data once in two weeks and it depends on data availability. 
  • Google maps has more than 20 Petabytes of data. Which is equals to 21million gigabytes and 20,500 terabytes. 
  • You can view white house in Google maps and if you are lucky enough you can see president Obama. 
  •  You can also view the last living place of Osama bin Laden in Google maps. 
  • Google maps uses our own cellphone data (with or without permission) for traffic data for its own service. 
  • Google maps on the whole saves 2 years of human time for its users per day. 

Street view :

  • The journey of street view started in 2007 and taken millions of images around the globe and the street view team traveled more than 7.5 million kilometers of unique roads. 
  • There are 15 lenses in different angles in the camera system of the street view vehicle. 
  • The street view cameras capturing images that are really high resolution. They are up to 65 mega pixels in resolution. 
  • The captured images then aligned manually for making the images looks continuous and ease.
  • Google doesn't have a proper schedule for street view updates because of the mammoth data collecting predicament. 
  • Privacy is the bigger issue with street view project. Google have an auto face and license plate blurring technology . You can also ask for additional blurring, if you find anything that bothers your privacy in Google Street view.