How much it takes

They say,"I am never too drunk to drive ".

 I know many people say they are strong enough to drink almost any amount of alcohol and it does nothing to them.
How much it takes to kill

First of all, it's nothing to do with strong. Actually, it's the other way around.
 Let see how much our body can survive with other beverages.
  • Drinking 100 glasses of water in a day could kill you.
  • 40+*cups of coffee could be poisonous. (actually 10 grams of caffeine). 
  • 50+ cups of tea could be poisonous. 
Any thing more than 50 cups would be dangerous. Water, the most important thing for living can be a killer in high quantity.

So, if a soft drink can be a killer.. think about alcohol. Man forget soft drinks, water, the H2O,the life saver.. Can kill you at certain level.

 Alcohol is harmful in nature. Well think for yourself.

Couple of other nice things about alcohol :

  • It only takes 6 minutes for the human brain to react to alcohol.
  • If there is one thing that can affect tic to toe of your body, it is alcohol.