Mutual friend alcohol and four stages of alcohol

Our friends circle widening because of mutual friends even in fb. It's because of the trust factor.
 Nowadays, People need mutual friend to get new friends of course but here it is not a person, it's alcohol.
Yep,  this is definitely not about friendship..

According to rehab therapy, There are four stages in alcoholism,
Mutual friend alcohol and four stages of alcohol

There is always a friend who help you to find the fun of alcohol and that's how you get the introduction to alcohol. Remember that friend, he is the one mutual friend between you and alcohol (then alcohol became the mutual friend..). To many friends and to make new friends, alcohol is the mutual friend.

2.Occasional drinking:
After getting introduced to each other how can you avoid a friend who can make you forget everything even you. So, it goes occasionally. According to rehab statistics, 60%* of the people continue to drink after getting introduced.

Then there is a Saturday in a while. How can Saturday nights will pass on without alcohol. Again stats, 40%* of people start drink regularly from the occasional numbers.

This is No fun part . In rehab, they call the person who addicted to alcohol as patient and 10%* of the regular drinkers fall into addiction.
I believe that regular drinking was almost an addiction. That's it.