Are we running out of hobbies? - Drinking is a hobby

Ask any 20+ old guy, what is your hobby?

Are we running out of hobbies? - Drinking is a hobby

  • Except TV watching and smart phone gaming, you don't find any interesting hobby.
  • As long as we're teens, we have many hobbies like playing cricket, painting, music and many.
  • But, when the peer pressure strike us  with drinking and smoking..  Many forget their old(real) hobbies.
  • That is the time when friends are around and we only choose drinking as hobby. 

Are we running out of hobbies?
   Because many people drinking because they don't know what to do.
If you ask anyone (or yourself), why are you drinking?.
You don't know the answer or  the answer is "you don't know what to do".

 The experts say, many people around the world drinking because they don't have a pass time or hobby.

  • In this globally connected era, People travel a lot for job,tour, business and many reasons. So, they need a common pass time.
  • In human evolution, we created many fun pass times. This is how we have dance, music, sports and all the other things we have today. 
  • All those things got changed time to time and place to place. That's why we have damn variety of art forms around the world. But again, we easily got bored with anything. 
  • So, we started watching dance with liquor .
  • Watching sports with beer.
  • Then people put drinking in the first place and watching dance or being part of the dance(pubs). 
  • So, now drinking is a hobby or a hobby companion.