India needs minorities - Modern Minority -

Unlike other countries India is a safer place for all kinds of minorities.
Except, the one group which we can call the Modern Minority.
India needs minorities - Modern Minority
Who are these modern minorities?,
  •  Teetotalers, of course. 
  • Non corrupt , Honesty became minority thought in this country. Even the ones who honest were feel guilty to be honest and got embarrassed everywhere and forced to become corrupt. 

Why we need them badly?.
  • Lalu yadav got imprisonment for fodder scam because a honest bureaucrat stood up against the corruption and took action.
  • Ashok khemka an IAS officer questions the first family's son-in-law over the haryana land deal. 
  • These things can only possible when few honest men around. 
  • If there is no Teetotalers, there is no India.