App update - Good or Bad

  First time in Indian mobile phone sales history, smart phones beat the feature phones in numbers.
So, everybody knows about smart phones and apps.

 Most of us bothered about app updates because many apps ask for update frequently even daily.
That consumes our data and most of the time these updates makes no difference.
Know what you updating and why updating.
App update - good or bad

Before updating any app..

  • Read "What's new in this version" ,because in many ways that could be these things., 
  • Version 0.0. 
  • Bug fixes, 
  • Improved for tablets. 
  • New languages supported. 

In some cases the app developers make some features disabled in the update and they make it available in paid version.
Then it's not an update, it's downdate (opp. to update?!. ) or downgrade.
So, backup before update.