Spend proof day - Another Quote

Spend proof day - Another Quote - a day without spending
"If you have an extra 100 and don't know how to spend it. At least for an hour...
 Your parents raised you well".
                                - Arun Alwar.

  •  Did you ever spent a whole day without spending a penny?
  • Is it possible?
  • Did  you ever thought of it?

Why we that used to it.
 Everyone is buying or selling something. always.

Why don't you try it once in a week or month.
Spend proof day,.
How about cook your food on your own or get vegetables from your garden or tree near by your home(if you don't have a garden).

It's not about saving your money, it reminds you that your not addicted to spending money. Psychologically you feel more confident.
If you can,
Tell your kids. Tell yourself.