There is no such thing called Evolution

This is part of curiosity and not meant to disrespect science.

After Darwinism widely accepted, anthropology (human study sort of stuff..) get stuck with the word "Evolution". Whenever there is a place in human history that hard to understand or unexplainable or tough to find the actual truth.. Anthropologists just say it's "Evolution" (magic).
Few scientists says about Evolution like this, "Fairy tales of Darvin".

If humans are from monkey family, where is our tail.? You know what they say,  Evolution. it is a magical word.

There is no such thing called Evolution
We are from monkey Because we share 98% similar genes with chimps.

  •  According to human genome project, We share 98% similar genes with chimps. (OK) 50% with banana, 60% with fruit fly, 75% with mouse, 80% with cow. In fact we share similarities with a bacteria and even a plankton. So, every living organisms are the same at some point.
  • Talking of evolution, take caterpillars, Every Caterpillar transform into a butterfly in it's life cycle. That means butterfly is the form they needed most. Then why evolution didn't produced a butterfly directly in all these million years?.
  • Evolution means, we don't know the complete answer and you shut up. You also don't think about that, just accept the evolution.
  • Our tails are gone because we didn't used it for a long time. So, in the process of evolution we lost our tail. This is the dumbest thing I ever heard.
  • OK, humans not fully using their brain, even a scientist like Einstein used only 5% of his brain. So, why humans didn't lost their non used brain in our process of evolution?

Let's put few things clearly.
  • Humans adapted many things in history. Geological conditions, food, culture, language and even Facebook. (Yeah!. Why not we adapted Facebook and rejected other social networking sites like orkut or MySpace. It's human nature.)
  • It's all adaption. But in many ways we tend to believe that it's all part of Evolution because we obsessed with the word Evolution.
Why tag everything under Evolution?.
"Questioning everything" is the key to development .
There is always room for improvement and no shame if it's seems stupid.


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